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Intelligent Touch


"I felt 12 sessions were needed to help the change process to settle within me.  The changes have been both subtle and dramatic.  Subtle in terms of greater body awareness and a sense of greater physical freedom, more a feeling of well being.  I had a frozen shoulder for 5 years and was unable to raise my arm above shoulder height. I tried everything to improve it from physio, steroid injections, exercise and rest, nothing worked.  After 12 sessions I now have 98% mobility back in my arm."

Lady property developer



"I have looked forward to each treatment.  Because of the type of work I do I think my body needs help every so often and considering the age thing I don’t want to be caught suffering in later age – hopefully.

Nicki always appears to be thinking fully about what needs to be done and I feel its very high on my list to have a fit body.  Thank you very much."

Male builder



"Thank you so much for all your help over the last year, having had a few problems you have really helped me out.  I love coming for the Structural Integration and feel amazing afterwards.  I have had a lot of comments as to how good I now look."

A very busy lady with several jobs



"The best way to describe a hot stone massage is like lying on a desert island with the hot sun beating down on your back.  Incredibly relaxing to the point I must have dropped off for a few minutes because suddenly my massage was over.   My back felt totally relieved of any aches.  Fabulously refreshing."

Mum with young baby