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About Nicki

I have been working in complementary therapies since 1999 and trained to a high level of advanced massage therapy with several leading institutions. I am a member of the SMA, (Sports Massage Association)   and registered with the CNHC, the government recognised regulating body for complementary therapies.

Soon after qualifying I became fascinated by posture and the importance to your health and wellbeing of a well-aligned body.

Intrigued as to why we develop postures, why we get pain and discomfort as a result and how best to treat them lead me to study Sports Massage and then KMI Structural Integration (now Anatomy Trains UK). This has given me a greater understanding of postural patterns and how to release them to give long lasting changes for the better.

Over the years my work has clearly demonstrated to me the incredible and curative power of touch.

Treatments for relaxation are equally important for our health and well being, as in our busy lives it is all too easy to neglect ourselves, to forget to take time to relax. The hot stones massage is the best way I have found to do this and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

I am happy working with the young, not so young, serious athletes and not so serious athletes, but the majority of my clients are just people trying to find relief from pain or discomfort.

I take my continuing professional development seriously; to consolidate and improve my knowledge I attend workshops and courses each year. In 2012 I shall be studying Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute. Your internal organs constitute a major part of your body and can affect and be affected by your posture. Correct alignment of your organs will allow them to function better and you will feel healthier generally.

Experience gained with my clients, the constant search for understanding and attendance at courses means I have built a strong foundation for my practice and will endeavour to find the best way to help you.


2020 MSc Nutritional Therapy

2019 UK Hypopressives Level One

2015 Myofascial Release UK - Integrated Myofascial Therapy - Advanced Lower Body
2015 Myofascial Release UK - Integrated Myofascial Therapy Advanced Upper Body
2015 Myofascial Release UK - Integrated Myofascial Therapy Level 3
2015 Myofascial Release UK - Integrated Myofascial Therapy Level 2
2015 Myofascial Release UK - Integrated Myofascial Therapy Fascial Therapy & Integration
2015 Myofascial Release UK - Integrated Myofascial Therapy Level 1
2015 Gray Institute - Certification in Applied Functional Science
2015 NLSSM - Massage Essentials for Cancer
2014 Barral Institute - Listening Techniques 1
2014 Barral Institute - Visceral Manipulation 4: The Thorax
2013 Barral Institute - Visceral Manipulation 3: The Pelvis
2013 Barral Institute - Visceral Manipulation 2: Abdomen 2
2012 Anatomy Trains UK - Walking the Lines: Gait, Anatomy Trains & Fascial Efficiency
2012 Barral Institute - Neural Manipulation 1
2012 Advanced Trainings. Pelvis, Hip & Sacrum 1 & 2, Sciatica 1
2012 Barral Institute - Visceral Manipulation 1: Abdomen 1
2011 Advanced Intra Oral Techniques
2011 Essentials of Intra Oral Massage
2010 KMI Diploma
2009 Hot Stone Fusion Therapy
2009 KMI Structural Strategies
2009 KMI Structural Vision
2008 APNT Massage & Pregnancy Diploma
2007 Anatomy Trains workshop
2006 Master class in Massage & Pregnancy
2006 Myofascial Matrix Conference
2006 Deep Tissue Massage with Art Riggs
2006 Fit to Play Tennis, Carl Petersen
2005 Myofascial Release & Beyond, Stuart Robertson
2005 Sportex Conference
2005 Myofascial Release Technique, LSSM
2004 Functional Rehabilitation of the Shoulder, Chris Norris, MCSP
2004 London School Sports Massage Diploma & BTEC Diploma in Sport & Remedial Therapy
2002 Trigger Points Advanced Massage Workshop, Middlesex School
2002 Neuromuscular Techniques Advanced Massage Workshop
2002 Soft Tissue Release Advanced Massage Workshop
2002 Muscle Energy Techniques Advanced Massage Workshop
2001 The Academy of On-Site Massage Diploma
2001 Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine, Clinical Assessment & Remedial Massage Diploma
2000 ITEC Diploma in Reflexology
2000 IIHHT Diploma Indian Head Massage
1999 ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage