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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage BerkshireFor centuries and in many cultures massage has been used to help with pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.

Every massage is tailored to your needs and provides complementary care to help support you with the physical changes in your body due to pregnancy. I use a combination of swedish massage, sports massage techniques and pressure point energy work.  The treatment can help with lots of common complaints such as aching shoulders or back, puffy legs and anything else you may be experiencing.  The massage provides a time for you to relax, to focus on yourself and your baby.  I may introduce breathing techniques or suggest exercises to encourage good posture.

Your baby will benefit too as when you are relaxed it will have a calm environment in which to grow.

I am happy to arrange sessions with partners, to teach them massage that they can use at home, which is great for prenatal bonding, and can also be used when you are in labour.

Once the baby is born it is easy to forget about yourself, but postnatal massage can help you relax and enjoy your baby whilst helping with postnatal recovery.